DJB Gas Services — Salt Lake City, UT · St. George, UT · Las Vegas, NV Supply and service of welding, industrial, and medical gases and equipment.

Serving your Industrial, Medical, Specialty Gases, Helium and Welding / Helium and Welding / Safety product requirements since 1990

DJB Gas Services can assist you with all of your cryogenic equipment needs including the design and installation of Vacuum Jacketed Piping systems, x-50 piping, copper piping, and carbon steel piping. We can help design, build and install a piping system for your liquid and gas needs.

As your business grows, so does your gas usage. DJB Gas Services, helps your operation expand - from cylinders to small bulk to large bulk containers.

DJB Gas Services supplies gases in bulk form, whether in Bulk tanks, HP Trailers, Liquid dewars, or 12 and 6 paks.

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